Monday, June 23, 2014

End of the School Year!

For those of you in New York State, June 30 is the end of the school year, with July 1 starting the next one.  Just a reminder about the paperwork that's due at this time -

June 30, your End-of-Year Assessment or test scores

July 1, your Intent to Homeschool letter (for the 2014-2015 year)

Both of these documents are due to the Superintendent of Schools for your district.  Our district also has a liaison for homeschoolers, so I send her a copy as well.

If you are just starting homeschooling next year, you should receive a packet from the school district with regulations and sample forms.  Your IHIP (education plan) is then due four weeks later, or August 15.  Anyone who has been homeschooling, the IHIP is due on August 15 for the following year.

Happy Summer!

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